Sunday, January 22, 2012

Phew! Weekend Cooking-Palooza

Chocolate eclairs...delicious, but almost too rich.  Powdered
sugar on top because my ganach glazing technique needs some work!

So, a weekend or two ago, Edmund, my husband, was leafing through Around My French Table and saw the recipe for Vanilla Eclairs.  Skinny as a rail and with a huge sweet tooth, this was his kind of dessert.  To him sugar is a food group all its own.  So, since the group had already tackled them I decided to give them a try.  OMG.  Unbelievably delicious, challenging and fun to make.  I had never made puff pastry before!  I enjoyed it so much that I thought I would try the chocolate variation yesterday.  They were rich to the point of decadence...almost too rich, really with the ganache AND the chocolate pastry cream filling.  I, personally have never understood when people say that a dessert is too rich...really?  I can usually eat my dessert and theirs when this is the case, but the bittersweet chocolate explosion that was the chocolate eclair made me understand their point.  I think next time I may try filling with either whipped cream, like a cream puff, or vanilla pastry cream and top with the chocolate ganache.  Our friend, Molly, suggested either a raspberry mousse filling with the ganache top or a raspberry glaze with chocolate filling.  Decisions, decisions. 

   On Sundays I make our weekly recipe for the group, so today's recipe, Broth Braised Potatos, was accompanied by Short Ribs in Wine and Port, another recipe the group has already accomplished.  So much fun to make the short ribs.  The potatos, a snap.  More on those Friday.  I also made two loaves of bread...just regular old white sandwich bread, but since I started this blog one of my friends at work has asked me to make some for her.  As I said, a busy weekend.  Looking forward to some down time with Downton Abbey tonight.  Bon Apetit, mes amis.


  1. Mmmmm love love love chocolate éclaires... I like the raspberry glaze and chocolate filling idea, sounds really good. Also you can try crème pâtissier filling and chocolate ganashe.

  2. Btw it looks really yummy :)