Thursday, January 26, 2012

French Fridays: Gorgonzola-Apple Quiche

Gorgonzola-Apple Quiche
After a brief hiatus, I am back for this week's delectable addition to the quiche pantheon...Gorgonzola-Apple.  As mentioned in previous posts...eggs, cheese, etc, what's not to love?  And real men do eat quiche in this day and age, thank you very much.  We make it, too.  I was excited to make this recipe because this was the first time I have made home made tart least I think it was.  I say if you can't remember if you have or have not, it's new to you anyway so what's the difference?  Hard to believe that as much as I bake I have not really ventured into pies and tarts.  Of course, Edmund makes a killer crust for apple and cherry pies in the summer and fall months, so why mess with perfection?  
Gorgonzola dolce, a mild version of this blue cheese, is the
perfect companion to apples and onions.

I was a bit surprised that this recipe called for a sweet-ish crust, and personally I think if I do make this again I will reduce the sugar or leave it out of the crust altogether.  The onions, apples and gorgonzola blended so beautifully together to create a sweet, tangy and savory filling that, in my opinion, would be better matched to a more benign crust.  Oh, that crust, though.  Crisp, flaky and delicious on its own, it will be the base of many a tart to come, I am sure!
The actual making of the tart crust dough was very simple, but if you make this or any quiche or tart that requires a crust, build time in for chilling both right after mixed and once in the pan ready to go in to the oven.  

The filling required little more than a trip to the cheese counter and some light sauteeing of apples and onions.  I thought the gorgonzola dolce called for might be difficult to find, but there it was in the cooler at Whole Foods.  Yes, I bought too large a block, but trust me, cheese does not go bad in this house.  In fact, I think I have a loaf of sourdough with that leftover cheese's name on it.    Until next week, mes amis, bon apetit!
The quiche ready for the oven



  1. Dorie actually has two pastry crust recipes at the back of her book, one savory and one sweet. I think that she intended the savory one to be used for the quiche. And my husband loved this one too so you were not the only real man to enjoy this recipe :-) Then again, he's european so maybe he just never got the memo that he's not supposed to like quiche.

  2. Real men DO eat quiche! I didn't use gorgonzola dulce but just the regular. Next time I'd like to try it with the dolce.

  3. Did you use the sweet tart dough recipe rather than the "regular" one? Funny, Hubby, who is a "real" man, commented that he thought the dough needed just a little more sweetness. I think your quiche looks tasty.

    1. No, I used the resular crust, but I found even the 1 tsp of sugar to be too sweet...though now I am wondering to myself if I used a tablespoon and not a teaspoon...oh well something to be concious of next time.

  4. Looks great! I'm going to put that combination of ingredients in my next frittata.

  5. I don't trust anyone who won't eat quiche because it's not manly enough. Good is good. Yours looks great! I was also surprised at how easy it was to get my hands on gorgonzola dolce. I never noticed it before.

  6. So not only do they make it, but they eat it too? Bravo!
    Actually, the man in my house eats it without complaining (usually) - so I know there are a few out there.

  7. It was good wasn't it? The flavors surpassed my expectations and it looks from the photos that yours turned out great - even with the sweeter crust.

  8. Extra cheese never goes to waste in my house either. This was different than I expected, in a good way. My husband wouldn't eat this one, not because he doesn't eat quiche, which he does, but because of the apples. I enjoyed it though.

  9. I am curious about the gorgonzola dolce. All I could find was the regular one. I was still happily surprised with the eggs/fruit/blue cheese combination.

  10. Looks great- good job. I used the non-sweet version crust recipe, but with the apple in there, I'm not sure yours wasn't great also. Nice job!

  11. Great looking quiche! I was a little perplexed with the tart dough also, but ended up loving it. I used a cabrales blue cheese which I think had enough spunk in it to offset the sweetness.

  12. I remember the time I shared some of our Pizza rustico at work and the first thing my
    employer (Male) said was "real men don't eat quiche". Well, hello, this was not a quiche,
    and don't be so quick to critique. Tricia and I both enjoyed this recipe, as well as our
    spouses. Yours looks great and making crust is fun.

  13. Well, you like my blog's title but you win the prize. I actually laughed out loud this morning when I encountered it. And I never usually laugh before 11AM. Neither do the French.